I just got back from a long weekend in Portland, one of my favorite cities. I drove around downtown twice that week, Friday and Saturday night, picking up takeout food both times. Both times, all I saw were a few individuals holding up signs. I also saw a few boarded up windows, as well as lots of posters and graffiti. I blame social and mainstream media for blowing the Portland protests way out of proportion.

I stayed with a good friend of mine, and enjoyed takeout sushi from San Sai, walked to Flavor spot and enjoyed a breakfast taco (eggs, bacon, ham, and maple glaze all folded inside a Belgian waffle) twice, and enjoyed takeout Thai from Luc Lac. Normally I’d prefer to dine in, but with COVID concerns it seems prudent to grab takeout and go.

Saturday we drove out to Tillamook bay, and hiked around the peninsula. You start on the bay side, and around the tip of the peninsula the ocean comes into view. It was windy as hell, and sunny. I got so burned that my skin is flaking, and that was with sunscreen. The drive from Portland to Tillamook is really something. This nice twisty two lane road through a shaded forest. It would be the perfect motorcycle ride to kill an afternoon.

Things were pretty normal. The only danger to my life was when I almost got smoked by a semi truck going around a corner along the Columbia River.