My Setup

Just wanted to share my current work setup.

  • 2019 MacBook Pro 16″
    • Linux without the hassle, and I get great integration w/my phone and watch
  • daskeyboard 4 w/gel wristpad
    • I used to hate the wrist pad, but it’s necessary for me when I’m standing, and it’s not bad while sitting either
  • Logitech M510 (with Logi Options driver)
    • Using Logi Options, I almost prefer this to a magic mouse. I can change workspaces and open mission control through a Logitech mouse that’s comfy.
  • Dell 43″ 4K monitor
  • beats studio3
    • They came with my iMac, but I was really surprised by their comfort, sound, and longevity. I have no plans to replace them

All of this sits atop a 48″ standing desk. My butt is kept off the ground by my own two feet, a standing chair, a kneeling chair, and a classic office chair. Humans weren’t made to stay in the same position for 8 hours!

Another important aspect of a work setup, and one not often discussed, is distraction prevention. I listen to familiar or background music w/noise cancellation, and I’ve isolated my work space away from any visible distractions. I use a browser extension to keep me on task and not spend too much time on reddit or ycombinator.

I’m usually rocking a t-shirt and pajama/lounge pants and slippers. That was before and after COVID when working remote.