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I Played Myself on Health

2020 was off to an AMAZING start for yours truly. All the way through March, up until everything closed in Washington state, I was crushing it! I was holding my own in our company's weight loss challenge. I was eating right, going to the gym 4-5 nights a week.

Then the pandemic closed the doors of my gym and the company where I worked. I weighed in in early April and had lost 27 pounds! I was so hyped, I relaxed a little on what I was eating. I told myself that walking for an hour a day was just as good as going to the gym and running/cycling for 45 minutes.

These actions were enough to undo 10 of the pounds I had lost.

So I'm remedying that.

I started the CouchTo5K program today, and with any luck and hard work, in 9 weeks I'll be ready to start running for 30 minutes straight.

I've also resolved to stop eating fast food, and any food after 7pm. I'm eating more eggs, following up any exercise with a protein shake. I mean to hold on to my progress, and I'm glad I've realized that what I was doing during quarantine wasn't worth it.



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