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Sayonara WordPress

In an effort to remove as many vendor lock-ins from my projects and pages, I'm discontinuing the use of WordPress to host my blog. I really didn't use any features, and version upgrades broke/bricked my blog on multiple occasions. I had thought about using github pages, but I'd still like the ability to do fun stuff w/serverside scripting if and when I need it. For example, the past article links on the home page are php generated.

A little more about the new setup - I've opted to go for a more traditional webpage. Static html for all the articles, the only thing that I'm going to miss is my homepage pulling the most recent articles, but I think I have a workaround for that. I was also tired of how long it takes to spin up the homepage if the site hasn't been active in a while (the downside to shared hosting).

I'm using SP.CSS as a very bare bones styling for my page. It's enough to match the style that I want with no classes or effort on my end.

As far as pretty urls, I'm just going with a directory tree with each directory having an index.html page.

I plan to have the most recent full article on the homepage, and then links to the rest of the entries.



I'm a software developer, philanthropist, biker, cyclist, hiker, gamer, drone pilot, photo bug, and all around DIY enthusiast. I like to think I can cook, and enjoy a good game of PUBG/WarZone every now and then.

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