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It's only the Beginning

It's only the beginning. It's going to get worse, and worse, and worse. I saw yet another prodoscore-esque software, this time in the form of a LinkedIn Ripoff.

Who in their right mind would sign up for a social media site that rates your trustworthiness, among other attributes, in the same form factor that I use to review amazon purchases. I began to wonder about it, and then was struck by a disturbing realization: It's inevitable; the longer we continue to function as a remote society, the more there will be a need to replace that subjective 'feeling' about a person.

If we assume that there will be a growing demand for a "credit score" for how well people have done their jobs, LinkedIn is positioned nicely to simply integrate this feature into their system. It doesn't have to be perfect, they can add a flawed system, but they'll be the biggest.

There will be competitors, and assuming success in this market, more will follow. Some services might create equations so that a "Prodoscore" can be converted to a "LinkedIn" score. Other services will no doubt refuse to partner with anyone, claiming that their proprietary system is incompatible but superior. As having a productivity score associated with you become ubiquitous (e.g., including a score and QR code to pull up details online on your resume), some providers will begin to charge money. Others will follow suit. Eventually, you'll have what could, at best, be considered a tax on the unemployed job-seekers, desperate to pay any amount of money so employers would deign to even consider looking at their resume.

In my book, it's a strategy to place companies like Prodoscore in the perfect middleman position. Pay to be scored, pay to view scores. It's a loss for employers and employees. The only winner here is the scoring company, who, once established, won't want to relinquish that sweet, sweet revenue stream. We're facing more nickel and diming, and the death of nuanced recruiting as we know it.



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